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The Hanover is a salvage ship in Firefly Online.


There are many ways to make money in the Verse – some legal, some less so. And a captain can find a Hanover Class boat useful in either pursuit.

The mid-bulk Hanover Class Salvager is one of the more popular mid-sized ships, beloved for it’s relatively simple floorplan, it’s excessively large engine array and it’s nearly infinite configurability. While designed specifically for the salvaging of derelict ships and stations, the forward maneuvering pods can be replaced with grapplers for tug boat duty, cargo modules for transport work or an EMP snare for less savory activities.

Because the Hanover Class has three main thruster engines – two of which can be rotated – and two maneuvering pods in its standard configuration, it lands squarely between the four-engine brig fuselage and the two-engine cutter. As such, it’s been classified as a Brigantine, a rare designation among ships in the Verse. It also delivers the greatest thrust-to-mass ratio of any civilian ship currently in use, making them much sought after for a variety of jobs where a low profile and a lot of muscle are required.