Firefly Online is a strategic role-playing video game in development by Spark Plug Games and Quantum Mechanix for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android based on the Firefly franchise. The game is set for release on all platforms in Spring 2015.[1]

Gameplay Edit

Players assume the roles of spaceship captains, assembling crews, completing missions, and trading with others.[2][3] The game will contain a central story alongside various branching stories, and players will be able to create jobs for each other to complete.[4] Players will be able to customize their ships while playing,[3][5] and view "in-universe guides" around planets which provide information on them.[4] Furthermore, both space and planetary environments will exist.[3] The game will contain over 200 worlds to visit.[6] Players will assemble a crew, and will need to choose crew members who possess the skills and abilities they need, such as engineering or weaponry skills.[6]

Development Edit

Prior to the announcement of an official title, a fan made game titled Firefly Universe Online was being developed by DarkCryo.[7] Fox gave their well wishes to the game,[7] but the development studio ceased development on the game following the announcement of the official release based on the Firefly franchise.[8] Firefly Online was announced at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con as being released on iOS and Android.[2][9] It was later announced for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS and is set to release in the spring of 2015 on all platforms.[10][11] QMx Interactive joined Spark Plug Games to produce the game.[2] Joss Whedon, creator of the series, is not involved with the development of the game but is aware of it.[4] The development team is planning to add future downloadable content which may include the ability to switch to the Alliance faction,[4] inclusion of "Reavers",[4] and is aiming to include cross-platform functionality.[3] The PC versions will be distributed via Steam.[12]

Gameplay of Firefly Online was shown at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con.[13] At that Comic Con it was announced that the original TV series cast will voice their in-game characters, along with a number of cast from the series.[14] Wil Wheaton will be providing the male voice for the player's avatar.[15]

As was mentioned in a Firefly Online notice [16] Cortex 2.0 was updated and released on Steam in February 2015 as a standalone app. Included in Cortex is a news and update function with behind-the-scenes videos plus 3D map of "The Verse" for free. The account can be upgraded to "Big Damn Hero" status for a fee through the Steam store that unlocks further rewards and grants the account holder mention in the game credits. Included is a card collecting game; a trade-run simulation mini-game, complete with daily and weekly runs that take place on the 3D, interactive map of "the 'Verse;" a Ships section that shows the player which ships have been unlocked, and a Loot area that displays what the user has accrued in points and rewards. Overall rewards, whether in the free or upgraded section, are gained through accruing BPs or "Brownie Points." BPs are attained by exploring various aspects of the interface, playing the mini-game, accessing the news. etc. Additional rewards can be purchased through the Steam store. The Cortex 2.01 update was released on February 15, 2015.[17]


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