Asrev thumb

The ASREV (Alliance Short Range Enforcement Vessel) is a ship in Firefly Online.


Alliance garrisons, Federal marshals and even local sheriffs employ a number of short- and long-range police vehicles to help maintain order. The most common of these is class of fast, maneuverable, aerodynamic short-range ships known collectively as ASREV (Alliance Short Range Enforcement Vessel). You will see clusters of these nestled into the bottoms of those city ships. But you’re just as likely to see a jet fighter-like ASREV patrolling the skies of border and core worlds. They trade range for greater firepower and typically feature the latest in countermeasures tech and anti-ship weapons. And while in atmo there’s nothing faster, if a suspect ship manages to make it to orbit, there’s simply no way an ASREV’s pulse engines can keep up with a Firefly that’s gone to hard burn.

Despite this, ASREVs are the vehicle most likely to ruin a captain’s day. You don’t have to outrun a ship to fill it full of holes, or hit it with an ECM missile or drop charge. So next time your cargo is less than legal, you might want to consider there are many more ways you can run afoul of the Alliance than a big cruiser. A smart captain watches the sky above – and below.